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Love Yourself: 4 Online Companies Focused on Self Care

Woman Meditates.jpg

Self care is a hot topic these days. We’ve finally discovered that our “everyday I’m hustling” lifestyle is actually detrimental to our mental health.

With self care promotion, new online companies have arisen to address this issue. From promoting positive mental health to taking care of your physical bodies, these online companies have made self care their industry.


Although mental health is a major topic of discussion these days, in the United States, there’s still a massive stigma surrounding it. TalkSpace works to provide a stigma-free safe space where you can talk to licensed therapists online.

Their chat room offers tons of session types, from texting to video chats, so you can choose the method you’re most comfortable with.

Another massive issue surrounding mental health is the exorbitant cost that’s often left uncovered by insurance. TalkSpace works hard to set rates that their customers can afford. Subscription rates start at $65/week, and they work with many health care providers so it might be covered by your insurance.

Everyone needs a little help sometimes, and TalkSpace makes it easy to find that help, even if you can’t get out of bed.


When you’re trying to lose weight, gyms can be an intimidating place. It’s easy to feel judged when you’re trying to figure out a new weight machine or when you’re gasping for breath after only two minutes on the elliptical (while the dude next to you has been running for the last hour without breaking a sweat).

Online fitness apps have helped make exercising at home easy, bringing fitness classes to your phone. iBodyFit goes one step further.

Founded by Franklin Antoian—a professional trainer who was listed as one of SHAPE Magazine’s Top 50 Trainers in America—iBodyFit strives to give you the personal trainer experience without having to leave your home.

You can choose between a number of plans, from starter plans to VIP plans. Every plan comes with an individualized workout based on your needs, a personalized diet, feedback and support from Franklin, and more. If you’re one to slack off without a little motivation, you can also sign up for Skype training, bringing the true personal trainer experience into your home.

CAP Beauty

CAP Beauty is actually located in NYC, but they have a fantastic online store, so we’ve included them on this list.

Their philosophy—“Beauty is Wellness. Wellness is Beauty.”—reflects the quality of their all-natural offerings. In recent years, we’ve discovered that many of the chemicals that we put in our beauty products are actually harmful to ourselves and the environment. It can be hard to know what you can and can’t use.

CAP Beauty makes it easy. They sell over 150 beauty products featuring all-natural ingredients. Plants provide some pretty powerful stuff, and CAP Beauty only sells items that use plants and other natural nutrients so that your body AND the Earth can feel great.

Self Care Co.

Self Care Co. is a company founded by Nicole de Leiburne who was inspired after aromatherapy helped her through her anxiety. She strove to provide a resource for people looking for natural ways to feel calmer.

The sense of smell has the power to calm the mind, help you to become present, and promotes inner peace. Self Care Co. strives to harness this power with their natural soy candles blended with essential oils.

Self Care Co. goes beyond providing a fantastic product; 10% of every purchase goes to DON’T JUST STARE—a platform that raises awareness of our mental health.

Self care doesn’t have to be difficult. With these companies, you don’t even have to leave the house! If you have a hard time treating yourself, let one of these companies help you out.