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Things To Do In New York City

Things To Do In New York City

NEW YORK, New York!

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New York is way more than hot dog stands and skyscrapers. In fact..

- New York City is a city of small businesses. Of the approximately 220,000 businesses located in the City, 98 percent are small (fewer than 100 employees) and 89 percent are very small (fewer than 20 employees). (SBA).

- In addition, there are over 1.6 million non-employer businesses in New York, which are primarily self-employed individuals (OSC).

- New York City has been named the top city to start a small business in America for two years in a row! The Big Apple's dynamism and diverse industry base has helped fuel growth and make it a magnet for entrepreneurs. - Forbes, 2018

- The website NerdWallet rates New York as the 5th most entrepreneurial state in the country, based on an analysis of 1) the number, size, and increased number of SBA loans, 2) venture capital funding, and 3) the growth of small business population for each state.

As the founding place of Cha Cha In The City, we know how important small businesses are to New Yorkers. Check out our CHA CHA In New York finds to escape the crowds.